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Are you planning and upcoming get together, social event, or even staff retreat and interested in engaging attendees in new unique ways?
Are your looking for ways to foster conversations and connection that elavates your event to new levels?
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"TheRules4life Experience Loose Leafsā€ -- for Events and Retreats
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Picture -- TheRule4Life Experience Activity Pages Size 4.25" x 5.5"

How does it work: 
“TheRules4Life Experience Loose Leafs” are take the Rule 4 life formula (prompt + perspective = personal connections) that draws authentic conversations out of personal experiences and provides a loose leaf format for sharing and posting. You can use The Rules4life Loose Leafs to fosters authentic conversations through a simple three step process.
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Step #1 - Finding Inspiration: Using a “rule starter prompt” or engaging unprompted, guests draw on personal experiences to formulate wise, funny, truthful and honest “rules.”

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Step #2 - Sharing “Codified Common Sense” … The guest share their "rules,” “wisdoms,” “perspective.”

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Step #3 - Engaging in Authentic Conversations: Every rules has a story behind it. Event hosts and guest are encouraged to as the key question “what is the story behind your rule?” and watch as meaningful exchanges unfold. In nearly every case, the "rules" generated by participants are tied to deep wisdoms, humorous truths, aspirational dreams, important values, shared experiences, big ideas, amazing memories and personal narratives --- all of which sow the seeds of authentic conversations.

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