A game about the unwritten rules of life...

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This game is about clearing up once and for all those un-written rules for life that apply to those outrageously funny, mesmerizingly awkward, amazingly common real life situations that happen to us all! In the end, while there is a scoring system and a “way to win”….you will probably get so caught up in conversations that you’ll forget who is winning! 

Below are four of our favorite ways to play however, knowing you… you are going to end up inventing your own variations.

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4+ Ways To Play

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Way to Play #1 — “The Basic Game”
Everyone gets 4 cards (ignore the reference picture.. they were cheating). Folks toss out a card from their hand and the pandemonium begins! Everyone just starts firing off the most real and ridiculous rules that apply. Whoever comes up with the “best rule” wins the card for the round. Each card earned is worth 1 point. First to 4 points wins. But in all honesty… you’ll probably get lost in the hilariousness of each moment and lose track of the score.

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Way to Play #2 — “The Drinking Game” 
Does this one really need to be explained? Draw a card… drink…laugh until your abs hurt…drink…. repeat. Everyone wins…. until the next morning.

Bottomline… if you really need an organized way to get drunk while laughing your ass off… you’re covered. 

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Way to Play #3 — “The Story Time Game”
Remember story time when you were a kid? Now remember before you were all into social media and actually connected with your friends by swapping stories of life, love, lust, outrageousness and awkwardness? Yup! That’s basically what it’s like when you play this version of the game. Everyone is dealt 4 cards and chooses one card that relates to a story from their life. After that… the rest is history. Get ready for a intimate, open, vulnerable, hilarious night with your closest friends.

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Way to Play #4 — “The Rule or Dare Game”
*Warning* — this version of the game is best played with your closest friends but beware it can end friendships :). 
Ok so…the way this version of the game works…buhahaha (scary laugh) is everyone is dealt cards. Whomever’s turn it is gets to “call out” someone on their juiciest, “I don’t want to share this in public,” story… like “Kevin, why don’t you give us your “Rules for Strip clubs” (like the picture). The twist is, the person getting called out (Kevin not seen in picture) has to either tell their story or do a dare! Stuff gets really real quick!

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The Hall of Fame Quote Book
Sometimes someone will say something so amazeballs that it deserves “hall of fame status” and a slow clap.

The “Rules4Life”coffee table book was created just for these moments! You can save those words of wisdom, personal insights, incredible humor and countless memories forever in this companion book. Then… you can keep it in your living room to entertain guest and spark intrigue until you play the game again.

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The Game

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The Combo

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The Book

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Here are some memorable examples of what my friends have said in response cards. What will your friend say?

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