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Event Experience Development & Facilitation Services
Brandon Slaughter, creator of "The Rules4Life Book" and "TheRules4Life Experience Tool Kit" for organization and event planners, is an experienced event facilitator. He has a background as an educator, program developer and currently serves as the Senior Director of Strategic Implementation for the NYC DOE Office of Field Support. In his present role part of his work included developing and facilitate monthly city-wide Superintendent meetings, Executive Director of Field Support Center and key stakeholder convening. Organizations and event planners interested in contracting Brandon to co-develop a vision for your event and/or to serve as an event co-facilitator are encouraged to email to discuss opportunities. 

Event Experience Development & Facilitation Services could include: 
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1) Conversations Facilitator -- This is an opportunity for organizations and event planners to work with Brandon to co-develop unique conversational experienced for guests leveraging "TheRules4Life Experience Tool Kit."
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2) Event Moderator – This expands on #1 where Brandon could serve as a moderator / co-moderator at your event.  He would work closely with event organizers to develop a larger vision for the event integrating "TheRule4Life Experience." This could include developing a framework for speakers, presenters and/or panelist to around a Rules 4 "fill in the blank" event theme.
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3) Event Host – For celebratory events and community gathering, Brandon can serve as a host / co-host. In collaboration with event organizers, Brandon would work to develop "Rules4life" themed anecdotes and activities to ensure the energy of the event remains high and the vision/mission of the organization/event is evident throughout the experience. 
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