The Rules4Life Tool Kit

Bring The Rules4Life Experience To Your Next Event

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“The Rules4Life Experience” Tool Kit

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The Rules4Life Experience Tool Kit provides a means to (1) enhance the experience of event participants by fostering authentic conversations, (2) align the experience to the vision and mission of the organization and (3) memorialize the event in new special ways. 

The Rule4Life Experience Activity Pages Size 4.25" x 5.5" printed on durable glossy card stock


*Free shipping 3-5 business days

Customize “The Rules4Life Experience” Tool Kit

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*Free shipping 3-5 business days

Organizations and Event Planners interested customizing the Rules4Life toolkit to align categories with discussion topics and/or focus of event can now do so.

Customize all of the following:
Insert company / organization logo

For “Custom Orders” please allow 5-7 business days for design, production and shipment. With your purchase, you will be contacted via email and provided additional instructions.

Questions about the customization process? Please contact

See more examples @therules4life

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